Miley Cyrus by Karl Lagerfeld – V Magazine Cover (Fall 2014)

Miley Cyrus - V Magazine Cover (Fall 2014)
Miley Cyrus: V Cover 2014

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  1. Boris says:

    She make good bortsh? I marry.

  2. redvette says:

    shes nothing to look at give the dog a bone

    • TDV says:

      Freedom of speech..comment awaiting moderation ???????? 4get about it, let the people speak their mind w/o u jokers pickin & choosin..she’s a nasty skank. It’s a shame she went that road as she had talent & looks in her early days…who’s pullin her strings ??? Probably the same tie & $$ pullin your’s..grow some balls & post what the people are saying…oh..but then again, I 4got, they need their puppets..keep hangin on those strings parasite

  3. Very nice, sexy and hot

  4. Anonymous says:

    She looks like a shemale with tiny pen** envy. I hope her parents are proud of all the dead presidents they make of their shemale’s disgusting displays, her display of her little boy body is her only resource of making money so use while your couple years of fame last!

  5. Ertchel Twain says:


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