Lisa Rinna in Bikini in Cabo San Lucas

Lisa Rinna in Bikini in Cabo San Lucas
Lisa Rinna in Bikini 2018

3 thoughts on “Lisa Rinna in Bikini in Cabo San Lucas”

  1. Lisa rinna looks like any older woman with cellulite thighs and ass not that firm , time to grow up where a one piece swimsuit.Who writes this stupid shit that rinna looks better than woman half her age, stop shoving this crap at the general public . On behalf of woman every where stop insulting real older woman that are fit and toned with hard work and are much more attractive than rinna she is a fake old witch!

  2. Rinna ip has no defiant muscularity any where, very thin and boney. She is not nourishing her body properly and doing the right workout routine to build healthy muscle tissue. Rinna is not very toned anywhere, rinna stop with the crazy loosing weight obsession , diet pills lipo , tummy tucks and get healthy. Bulk up baby!

  3. Rinna please put on more cloths or put some muscle on that boney unhealthy looking body, you are not doing the right workout for muscularity and vascularity. Be fit and healthy dont be afraid to add o few pounds of muscle!

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