Famke Janssen – Leaves The Today Show in New York

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  1. carlos says:

    Fame Janssen blames Hollywood for introducing a younger Jean Gray. But she wants to have a much younger boyfriend herself too. It is exactly the same thing. She is a hypocrite and thinks she is god. Probably schizophrenic like her father. She has such obsession for sex . Because in every movie and interview this is her main interest . Maybe something more happened in her youth like her sister explains in her book?
    AndDon’t spend any time to your fans Famke . You were just born to be the star, what do you know about your audience? You certainly don’t care. They have to make a lot of expenses, time and effort to see you and you ignore them completely. But you can fool them with stupid stories about stupid fantasy films. About characters and development, well it is all just money to Famke with $50 for one autograph. She is the biggest and arrogant hooker of Hollywood.

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