Dove Cameron for Modelist Magazine (May 2017)

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  1. HANNAH says:

    girl crush !!!!!!!!!!!!!! DOVE CAMERON

    • name says:

      Seems lately, a lot of girls are having crushes on other girls. Not your fault, it is by nature. Female sexuality is fluid, male sexuality much less so. For women, being attracted to other girls is commonplace, and sleeping with other girls is widespread.

      This is entirely unfair for heterosexual men. We have to jump through hooves, and pay through our noses to get women to like us and sleep with us, and women, without even trying, get to get other women, when it has no biological function in the first place.

      This is an evolutionary paradox. If humankind were meant to survive, then one gender would be attracted to the other gender as much as the other is to the first, or, at least, one of the genders will not be attracted to the same gender. But in humans’ case, it is so. This is tragic, and does not bode well for humankind. Imagine if most women started shunning men, in favor of women. Just imagine what will happen to the fertility rate. How we will survive….

      It is mainly because of male stupidity, of paying for women all their lives, that women still consider men relevant.

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