Demi Rose in Floral Bikini in Cape Verde

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  1. GREG says:

    Demi Rose – have you seen a more perfect body?

    • Winston says:

      Demi Rose – have you seen a more hilariously fake body?

      • GREG says:

        It’s 2018… only losers hate on women, Harvey Weinstein.

        • Winston says:

          I’m a feminist and hate no-one, I simply disagree that Demi has a perfect body. It was much nicer in her early days before she got all the surgery. People like you who create false ideals are giving young girls negative body images and pressuring them into surgery. The natural look has no currency in this zeitgeist. Harvey Weinstein is a lecher who objectifies women–so more like you than me.

          • Christian Krug says:

            Man, you couldn’t have had it more reversed. You say Greg’s one of those people giving girls negative body images? You say Greg’s one of those who pressure girls into surgery? Not true. Plus, Demi still has an amazing body, although, no, it can’t truly be perfect. But still the closest to perfect that I’ve ever seen.

          • GREG says:

            The best thing to do Winton is to not say anything if you have nothing good to say. That is what a feminist does.

          • GREG says:

            Well said Winston. I’m a bedroom-dwelling virgin (unless you count goats).

  2. James says:

    GREG I remember you hating on Winnie Harlow so stop being a hypocrite

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