Tulisa Contostavlos in tiny Daisy Dukes shootng new video in Miami, Florida

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  1. Sejaan says:

    I am almost fisenhid with my underarms and bikini area, I’m the same as you hair-wise, blond hair but dark in those 2 areas. It usually takes between 7-10 sessions, I’m on my 8th. The bikini area hurts a little but the underarm isn’t bad at all, you should try it out, on a small hard to shave or embarrassing area. Legs are silly unless you have tons of money to spend.Even when it does hurt it’s only for a second when they do that spot, it takes less than a minute to do my bikini area..Price wise it differs, a friend of mine is doing it for me so I’m getting it half off. Sometimes you can find pretty good deals but it’s still going to be around $1100+ most likely Good luck!

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