Miley Cyrus – Smoking on street in Toluca Lake


Miley Cyrus - Smoking on street in Toluca Lake

29 thoughts on “Miley Cyrus – Smoking on street in Toluca Lake”

    1. The President was never placed in front of every young girl in America as a teen idol, thus becoming a role model for them whether intended or not. Or are you the one person in America that missed the Hannah Montana years (lucky bastard).

  1. What is your problem? If an adult wants to smoke, they have a right to do so without moron health nazis making an issue of it and taking photographs. You sad little creeps need to get a life. Pathetic wankers with nothing going on in your vacant heads but ‘celebrity’. What truly little people you are.

  2. El Duce, you are an idiot, the president is not trying to be a role model, he also did not have a show on the Disney channel. Miley had a lot of girls who looked up to her and acting like a whore in her videos and going braless at Disney World and smoking is not being a good role model, she is teaching them bad habits.

    1. If anyone SHOULD be a role model I would hope its the president…I mean, I call it parenting, but I teach my kids to look up to our world leaders instead of our pop stars.

  3. Don’t we have more important things to worry about than Miley Cyrus smoking? If she wants to cut her life short, and her future husband wants to kiss an ashtray, go for it.

  4. All this negativity! She is an adult now and if smoking is her only bad habit — well look at all the other stars at least she’s not coked out! You go girl, I’ve bee smoking for 47 years Dr. says my lungs look like a 20 yr old don’t believe all the hype about smoking. It’s the preservatives and pollution that’s killing us all.

  5. The problem with Miley is, she had to be a role model at a young age, which put a lot of stress on her, that now she is she is acting out. Now as an adult, she is acting more as a child, having temper tantems, doing anything people tell not to do. Smoking is minor, to the other things she might be doing. After all, it’s her career she’s killing.

  6. what’s wrong with miley smoking my grandmother smokes ultra thins virgina she been for years glayds wilson i here gladys knight smoked once she ‘s a whiz glayds wilson miley can’t smoke dietrch did a ad where she smoked a lucky strike in 1949 and still rembered with the top hat and tuxedeo i saw one of her rare interview’s where she had the pink lilac lipstick

  7. Since when does an ADULT’s personal life have anything to do with their ability to entertain people?? There was a porn star who was a grade school teacher. But nobody seemed to be bothered by that so why bitch and complain about Miley Cyrus and what she does on her own personal time? Obama is supposed to be the Leader of this Country yet he had an addiction to cigarettes. So should we damn him as well? The leader is supposed to have a clean image that represents our country in a positive light an image he should set for himself his family and his country adults and CHILDREN alike. Do you see Miley Cyrus promoting smoking on her tv show ? do you see her publicly stating that all little girls should smoke like me? NO YOU DON”T Furthermore she is an adult now and she has the right to do whatever the hell she wants. Just because she entertained kids, doesn’t mean she is required to have this baby doll image for the rest of her life. Plus this is a paparazzi picture she didn’t take this her self and posted it on her website or promoted it to little girls. I think society now days needs to realize that celebrities are HUMAN beings not these robots that have perfect lives and perfect habits.. No one is perfect. Yes Obama has since quit smoking..But Miley Cyrus has quit entertaining young kids on a regular basis for quite some time now also. Plus weather or not Obama or Miley smoked is really none of our business. They are adults and it’s their decision to decide what’s best for them. You don’t have to agree with that but it’s really their business not yours to dwell on. You don’t know Obama or Miley’s intimate lives and what they go through on a daily basis do you ? No….so to damn them on a habit they have/had is stupid.Is it unfortunate that they smoke/d yes but that’s not our problem so get over it. Miley has even stated that she wanted to do more grown up things in her life well she is doing them. Plus I fail to see the difference when Selena Gomez is getting tattoo’s getting intimately involved with her under age boyfriend (Bieber) when the age of consent in California is 18 and making out with him half naked at the beach is any better. ALL WHILE SHE WAS STILL DOING HER SHOW.. She was no better a ” romodel ” then Miley. If you hate Miley thats your problem but know this she will always be better off then you will ever be in your pathetic little lives even if she dies a crack whore. So quit wasting your time hating on her because the only thing your doing is making your self look ignorant.

  8. so what, it’s nobody’s business but her own if she wants to smoke. i’m sick to death of people saying things about people who smoke. it’s really none of your business. if we want to smoke that’s our business.

  9. so what, it’s nobody’s business but her own if she wants to smoke. i’m sick to death of people saying things about people who smoke. it’s really none of your business. if we want to smoke that’s our business.

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