Kaia Gerber – Teen Vogue Magazine (December 2015/January 2016)

Kaia Gerber - Teen Vogue Magazine (December 2015/January 2016)
Kaia Gerber: Teen Vogue Magazine 2016

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  1. Question: Wow! Jake Jr is that you? I must ask? Was this model above born a boy? A Male? Looks like my Boss’s nephew Jake Jr. I am just totally compelled to ask this because they are so similar in all ways. Jake and his dad live here in the Chicagoland area, IL. Kaia Gerber: Teen Vogue Magazine 2016 model? I have never heard of this model. I must ask this because after taking a double take and a closer look It seems like the jaws on this model look too angular like a male’s jaw line. Was there maybe a chin procedure done to this person to provide a more pointed chin? Looks like that was done. Looks odd with that severe angular jaw line. Also, I noticed, that this model has a more male type overall structure including a sloping forehead not like a females more vertical skull shape. Even Including the HUGE brow bones that all males have and like Jake Jr has too. The eye brows do look exactly the same as well. Thick. The shoulders on this model look way too wide and straight across like Jake’s and male shoulders are. The shoulders do not look like they would ever even be able to be sloping down at all like all naturally born females shoulders do. Does not even look possible. Jake Jr is also extra tall for being in the 7th grade. The upper and lower parts of the arms on this model are both way, way too long for a naturally born female? Also again just like Jakes are. This model’s ears are XXL wow! Looks to be a large Adam’s Apple region as well. This is really freaking me out and is the reason I must ask this. Is this model a Transgendered person? It does not say so one way or the other in this layout. Could it be you Jake Jr? I was interested in purchasing the “I’m freaking cold” sweat shirt on this page and can’t believe how much this model looked like our friend Jake Jr. Maybe it is him? Just can not believe it. Would merely have to put some makeup and long hair on Jake and it would be a perfect match indeed. Identical twins. This is just basic human anatomy I am using and wondering about here. The differences between men and women are always 100% detectable because there are great differences between male and female overall structures. I mean the hands and wrists of this model also look way too large for a female as well. It actually startled me seeing this here on this page. Again, I’m just very curious to find out, could this possibly be an MTF Transgendered model? Wow! My boss is gonna have a surprise tomorrow in the A.M. Rob….

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