Ireland Baldwin Leaves the Power Stylists Dinner in West Hollywood


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  1. Lou says:

    Drunk. No Bra. No Panties. You could smell the fumes coming off her snatch a block away. God almighty, imagine being the man she’s coming home to!!!

  2. evilhippo says:

    Classy, hahaha. Now that Lindsey Lohan is mostly out of the news, she must have seen a niche opening up for her to fill.

    • Ali Hamza says:

      Lindsay lohan has converted to islam, so she is not going to behave like that anymore.

      Have you considered converting to islam? You think like us. We are also angered by women wearing sexy clothes and we also discourage them from doing so – Just like you did. You would love islam.

      • evilhippo says:

        I am totally sold by your argument & have purchased “Islam for Dummies”! Many thanks Ali Hamza! I had no idea that not being a pathetic fall-about-drunk was only possible via Islam, but I am now enlightened! However I am really going to miss bacon.

        • Ali Hamza says:

          Very good. I hope you have bought burkas and hijabs for your daughters and wife (if you have them).
          And no, not being a fall-about-drunk is not possible via islam only. But seeing as you take pleasure in berating and mocking women who drink and wear immodest clothing, you are a perfect fit for the islamic milieu, and hence my proposition.
          Lest I forget – If you drink, you must now abandon it too.

  3. Lou says:

    I’m telling you, I can smell the fumes coming off her twat through my computer screen. I can’t get over these pictures!!!

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