Hilary Duff in Tight Leggings – Visits a hair salon in Beverly Hills

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  1. Comment says:

    Almost all women are bisexual to some degree. It has been scientifically proven. And we already know that women emotionally bond with each other.

    So women, are able to satisfy both their physical needs as well as emotional needs, through other women. This puts straight men at a great disadvantage – Women can and do get laid any time with other women, and homosexual males can and do get laid anytime with other gay men. Straight men? They have to make do with their hands, much of the time.

    Which is why it breaks my heart when straight men encourage women to engage in lesbianism. Doing and allowing so is to the direct detriment of us. Imagine if every woman on earth decided to sleep with other women only….Just imagine…..

  2. GREG says:

    Actually this is a new theory. Only one scientist has come up with this and more studies need to be done.

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