Helen Flanagan – Playboy Bunny Girl Photoshoot

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  1. Bunny Deana says:

    I had my photo in Playboy magazine (fully clothed!) when I was ‘Bunny Deana’ at the London Playboy Club over 40 years ago, and that truly was the golden age of Playboy and the iconic Bunnies. I mean, how else would a 21-year old former typist get to meet Hugh Hefner, fly first-class to America to visit the Playboy Mansion in Chicago, and be crowned ‘Bunny of The Year’ by George Lazenby (James Bond at that time.) If anyone is interested, I have a collection of original (and now historic!) photographs online at Bunny Deana Photo Album.

  2. mark Bailey says:

    I love the golden era models were perfectly pretty and not tarty too

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