Famke Janssen and Madeleine Martin – Leaving a gym in Soho

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  1. carlos says:

    Wauw she can give an autograph in 1 second. Are you completely nuts Fame Janssen ?. Is that all you do for your fans who made famous and rich ? You wouldn’t be there without them and they make a lot of effort just to see you. You do nothing for them in return. You ask even 50 dollar for one autograph during a fanexpo?? Probably you are schizophrenic like your father and you think you are god, You are very selfish and arrogant. Just because you were born with those looks doesn’t mean you have to act like a bitch everywhere. Your main fascination is about sex and that is the only thing you are asked for in Hollywood. You’re not such a good actress so you shouldn’t have such a big mouth! You have only luck in life and that doesn’t make you a better person. It made you a bitch. You can speak American English without accent but that’s what you were born with . Also not an achievement . only luck!!

    • GREG says:

      Seriously. Why should anyone expect her to do anything but make movies. If people came up to you and complained about how you you suck at your job would you give them the time of day. If they said you were good and could you do things for them free would you? just saying.

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