Bianca Bree Van Varenberg – Annie Wermiel Photoshoot for New York Post 2016

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  1. anatoli says:

    Bianca ,te feli cit de craciun de anul nou de sarbatori., mult belsug in hanbare cine iubeste acela are si mai mult de cit atit sanatate multa,voie buna la multi ani sa ajunga, vin sa fie in butoi,sa umplem paharele si sa bem din plin., casa sa fie casa, masa plina cu bucate, gospodina-n casa si copii la masa, vieata lunga bani in punga ca s- ajunga si la nepoti.,salutare,stima si respect si lu parinti .,………………………………..

  2. anatoli says:


  3. Anna says:

    She’s really gorgeous

  4. Anna says:

    Bianca is such a beautiful and talented woman. I really admire her because she has been exposed to different sport at a young age. She has received a lot of awards and recognition in figure skating and even competes in the Winter Olympics. It is unfortunate that she had been injured because of an unpredictable event. However, despite the fact that she cannot compete for her favorite sport anymore, she has been given an opportunity in the film industry. Now, she has been enjoying life by doing things that she loves and is expressing herself through poetry. Moreover, custom essay papers have a lot of good articles to read and you may want to visit it.

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