Adrianne Palicki – On The Set Of Wonder Woman

Adrianne Palicki - On The Set Of Wonder Woman

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  1. Thoughts on the new NBC Wonder Woman pilot Without even seeing it, it will fail bacsuee of the usual reasons when depicting a female superhero on network TV 1) It will be too politically correct. Superheroines need to be SEEN and unself-conscious about it. Her suit will simply not be sexy / skimpy/ tight enough. If Lynda Carter didn t have such imposing cleavage in her 1977 suit, do you think anyone would remember her? 2) NBC promotions and marketing will typically target the wrong audience a la Bionic Woman and Birds of Prey: 16-24 females who COULD CARE LESS. 3) They will underserve the audience that DOES CARE, 16-55 MEN. 4) It will not be written by someone who cares a Fanboy with real writing skills. David Kelley is one hell of a writer, but I don t know if Wonder Woman works, it s only bacsuee of him. Don t know alot about Adrianne Palicki, but they missed the boat when NOT casting Valerie Perez, IMHO. Let s hope I m wrong.

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